Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda. 

shoulda gone to interior design school. I coulda been immersed in a world of inspiration long ago. I woulda, but I didn't. Instead, I went to Texas A&M University, hightailed it to NYC after school and worked at an educational non-profit, as a financial recruiter and then as an executive assistant in private-equity. After 6 years soaking up the East Coast, I needed to see how the other side lived. I moved to San Francisco and 2 years later, I've found that my yearning for design hasn't gone away. I've spent years reading my favorite design blogs, visiting the sites of interior designers whom I admire, pinning inspiring rooms and pieces, and curating my own home with my best design efforts. In some ways, I have a full design portfolio, and in other ways, I've got nothing to show for it. There's no reason why I have to sit back and watch the pros have all the fun. 

I've considered the options - I've looked at the programs, the schools, the cost. What if instead of going back to school, I spent my time and money digging deeper into the areas that interest me most? What if I created my own curriculum? What if I asked the right questions to the right people? How far could I go in the world of design and what would it be worth - to me and to you?

Layers and Levels was created to track my efforts at traversing the design world and spaces between. I will study texture, color and lighting. I will take specific classes needed to understand the field. I will interview designers and experts in the space. I will track down and discover new artists and makers of beautiful things used in design. I will share my own work and some of the unique pieces I find along the way. 

My hope is that I gain a better understanding of the elements of design, the people who do the work and share the knowledge I acquire with folks who find themselves on another path in life, but won't let that be an excuse not to get involved.